Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rant on 'stingy prayer'

When Gorbachev came to power, I was alarmed.  I prayed that God OUST him.  I prayed also that God open up Bible for Russia.  Then I forgot all about it.  For at that time, I could barely spell "Jesus", having only gotten under daily Bible study in Houston in 1981.

Seven years after that prayer, and ON my birthday, God answered it.  On that birthday, I was stuck in a hotel room in Houston, turned on the TV -- I didn't have one at home in Illinois, so this was a treat -- and that's how I learned Gorbachev was put under house arrest.  Only THEN did I remember the prayer, and went into shock.  Stayed up all night, even forgot to go to Bible class in Houston!

Now:  did God answer that prayer because 'brainout' is special?  Me ginoito, as Paul would say -- "Hell no!" as my pastor translated Paul's quip.  GOD is special.  Russia is special.  And Gorbachev must be special, because God blessed him via the house arrest.

So here's the point:  are we stingy with our prayers?  Do we pray rightly?  I bet not.  Look at Daniel 9's prayer.  First he uses our equivalent of 1John1:9, confessing sin.  Then he prays to Father.  Daniel is very organized about his prayer, and very specific, too.  After all, the guy was in the equivalent of the Chaldean State Department, so you'd expect his prayer to be a legal brief.  That was his natural style.  And look how God answered him!

In Christ, we ARE Daniel. Anything we ask, He'll do.  I made videos on that, in my 'Prayer' video playlist , click here.

Upshot:  if you're not praying BIG, you're a stingy servant.  The only way this satan's world can be blessed, is through prayer by us believers.  So if we don't pray, we're to blame for what's wrong in the world.

Pray BIG and be sure you follow the Prayer Protocol (my videos explain it in more detail):
  1. Stay in fellowship, using 1John1:9 as needed.  Else your prayers are illegal, for you're in a state of sin.
  2. Pray to FATHER, not to Son or Spirit, since FATHER is the recipient of all prayer, as the Lord taught us via the Lord's Prayer Guideline, and His Own Prayer (i.e., in John 17).  Else you're praying to the wrong person, and your prayer won't be heard.
  3. Line up your requests with Bible as you know it, from your own soul, not something canned.  Talk any way you want.  God doesn't need you to try and impress Him.
  4. When you're closing, be sure you're to say you're praying in SON's NAME.  He's the Authority from Whom you even have the right to pray (you're in the BODY, that's a legal position, and He's the HEAD).
  5. Then leave the matter in God's hands:  don't try to accomplish the goals on your own.  Legally, if you then try to do something, you are in effect RESCINDING your request, in favor of what YOU can do about it.
  6. Don't be silly about #5.  For example, if you prayed to God to get the right job, you keep looking, but first you're looking for input from God as to WHERE you look.  You don't sit on a park bench and wait for the job to be handed to you.
We are here to spend God's money.  Profusely.  Are we doing that?  NO.  So who is to blame?  Us.  Wealth is a good thing, if spent rightly.  If not spent or spent wrongly, wealth is misused, and God will indeed take it away, giving it to others. Like, Alexander, a bi-sexual unbeliever who got drunk every night -- God gave him, all of the hoarded Persian gold.  So if that's what God gives an unbeliever, how much more does He want to give.. us?

It's fake humility to say you shouldn't pray to God for personal needs, too. Other people are affected by your life. So pray BIG, for them and for you. Spend the unending supply of God's money as befits the extremely rich person IN CHRIST -- YOU!

Man, I wish I'd awakened to this purpose of prayer earlier.  But no point ranting about that. Time to KOKO, Philippians 3:14! :)

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