Thursday, April 22, 2010

My webpage ERRATA on the two anti-christs

My coverage of the two anti-christs in the webpages is garbled.  The essential idea is correct, but I wasn't clear on the verses which DISTINGUISHED the Jewish anti-christ from the Gentile one.  As a result, the scenario in SatSpin.htm is incorrect.  So too, are other sections.  The essential ploy remains, to claim Christ has Returned.  That idea is correct, in the webpages.  But the 'flow' of the events is not correct.  I have a lot of rewriting to do.

Bible verses distinguish between the two dictators in a manner which suggests quite a different flow of events.

  • Verses on the Jewish Dictator: Daniel 11:36-40, Gen 49:16-18 (tribe of Dan), Rev 16:13, 19:20, 20:10.
  • Verses on the Gentile Dictator: Rev 13:1-9, 17:8-13; Dan 2:31-45 (feet), 'little horn' of Dan 7:8-9, 19-26; 'prince of Dan 9:26-27, man of sin of 2Thess 2:3-10.
  • These verses are from my pastor's 1970 Daniel series Lesson 64.  I also have extensive notes from his 4-year long almost daily exegesis of Revelation, which I heard back during 1981-1985;  those notes agree.  But the distinction between the anti-christs was something I didn't properly notice in Bible, until yesterday!
So the correct 'flow' is that the JEWISH dictator pretends to be Christ, makes a pact with the Gentile 'little horn', so the latter obviously heralds the Jewish dictator, as MessiahAll this kicks off the Tribulation; so at its beginning, someone 'comes' claiming to be Christ.  Real easy way to know when the Trib begins.  In addition, from that beginning you've got
  • the 144,000 Jewish evangelists, and 
  • the Two Witnesses of Revelation 11 warning everyone away from the Temple (which by then will be illegally rebuilt, thus causing the Jewish dictator to be ticked off).  
  • You've got all those disasters, and finally 
  • you've an angel flying in the sky warning people at Revelation 9's end, 3rd year of Trib.  
No way to mistake it's the Trib.  But people will.  But at the mid-point, it gets tricky.
  • Trib mid-point, per Daniel 9:27 the Gentile and Jewish dictators break apart, turning to war.  
  • Yet THEN the Jewish dictator puts the GENTILE's statue in the Temple, presumably because the latter claims credit for having killed the Two Witnesses at Trib mid-point.  
So what's the cause de guerre at the Trib mid-point?  Does the Gentile suddenly call the Jewish 'messiah' a false prophet, and proclaim himself?  In my webpages as currently written, (based on Revelation 13) I've sketched out the Trib as the Jew fronting the Gentile, portraying the latter as the one claiming to be Messiah.  But that idea is odd, since the Messiah must BE a Jew, for the claim to be credible.  So what would make the treaty break, since the false prophet fronts the Gentile?  Or are there two false prophets?  Is there a pseudo-Messiah at the beginning who gets wiped out by the Gentile, and then he himself has a Jewish front man?

The other problem is this:  why would Daniel suddenly be talking about the false Jewish prophet, when all the other Daniel references are to the Gentile dictator?  So the above revised scenario, really hinges on who is the 'king' in Daniel 11:36-40.

If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them.

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