Tuesday, April 20, 2010

brainoutFAQ #6a update for Abraham's early supermaturation

brainoutFAQ.htm#6a was finally updated to show how God 'balanced' Time to reflect Abraham maturing 54 years too 'early'.  Just search on "So now we balance back to Abraham" after you load the page.  I'll have to insert this same explanation in Mirroring.htm and other webpages, but that will take awhile.

Sorry it took me some years to prove this out, but the explanation is gorgeous!  Scholars have had problems explaining why Church began in 30AD yet Israel seemed to have her covenant operating, too.  But that's not what the period 30-70AD represents, for Israel.  It's a different kind of reimbursement which was ORIGINALLY dual in nature: Abraham was a Gentile himself, becoming a Jew via circumcision, 53.5 years before Gentile Time was due to end.  For the Gentiles were to get the first 2100 years and the Jews the second 2100 years;  but of course, negative volition cut short that time for the Gentiles, and also for the Jews.

But would GOD KEEP His Time promises anyway?  Yep.  That's what you learn, when you crunch the numbers of the above FAQ#6 and Mirroring.  So I summarized the results of the number crunching, at the end of the white table in point AC of #6a.  Again, if you merely search on "So now we balance back to Abraham" after you load the page, you'll go straight to that new section.  You'll then see why God stresses the 3.5-year pieces, too.  They are also due to the timing of Abraham's supermaturation.

Whew.  It took years for me to balance this.  Hope the analyisis saves you a lot of time!

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