Sunday, April 4, 2010

New Videos on Lord's Death Date, and YHWH meaning

Finally, I was able to take the long explanation in PassPlot.htm and make a video on proper Easter dating.  Video simply shows the date count based on Mosaic Law.  (I did not go through the chronology of Passion Week.)  Click here to view it. I learned after the fact that the so-called 'church fathers' under Constantine deliberately conspired to CHANGE the date of 'Easter' to DISTANCE it from Passover, since the latter is Jewish. Can you believe that? Here's the video explaining that, from someone in Arizona: Click here to view it. (Beginning at five minutes, you'll hear him start talking about this.)

Of course, one of the problems is that the Jewish calendar misdates Firstfruits.  Jewish calendar begins the Omer count the day after Passover's beginning.  But Bible begins it piggybacked on Passover's ENDING: Leviticus 23:8 23:15 Deuteronomy 16:8-9 Numbers 28:25-26.  Video lists those verses, but doesn't explain them.  No explanation is needed, the text clearly relates 'sabbath' to the LAST MENTIONED (high) sabbath, which is the 7th day of Passover, not the first.

The other problem is anti-semitism in general.  ALL of our current debates over Scripture stem from the fact that the RCC and the Reformers were anti-semitic, so THEY DID NOT RESEARCH BIBLE PROPERLY.  So all that information in the OT which interprets how you read the NT, was lost, beginning about the time of Commodus.  So anyone touting the 'church fathers' as spiritual giants, is a jackass.  Sorry.  Those 'church fathers were anti-semitic, so NO HOLY SPIRIT was in them.  And that's how we don't know Christ's Birth and Death dates, How God Orchestrates Time, and hundreds of other doctrines which all are precedented in the OT.  Disgraceful, our Christian 'record' of hating God!

Also, the meaning of YHWH is so easy to understand, I have to laugh at how we don't do our homework.  A whole series of videos was done on this, but the last three deal specifically with THE NAME:

Click here to start watching the first of three videos on it.

Click here for the next video on it.

Click here for the conclusion video.

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