Saturday, December 5, 2009

Yapping Most High Videos

CLICK HERE for the first of the Yapping Most High videos in Youtube, a new series of high-theology commentary. Stuff the theologians got wrong all these years is informally covered. The first 8 Parts are on how God's Personality has been misdefined by theologians all this time, because they misdiagnosed God's Sovereignty. God is what He WILLS to be, Exodus 3:14 wordplay on His Name as Absolute Existence.

Calvinists claim to uphold Sovereignty but denude it, just like the Catholics before them. But with a little cogitating and remembrance of key Bible verses, you can readily see that God's Attributes are a product of His Will, not the other way around.

To date, Parts 1-4 are uploaded. Each week a new Part will be uploaded to Youtube. Future video topics will be on God's 'Software' (Bible in your head), God's Timing (a doctrine unknown in Christendom and misdefined in Judaism); Freedom in eternity (i.e., why we will never freely sin again), and other conundra which have long been poorly debated.

Sorry to be so critical, but it's time we stopped fighting in the theological playpen, and got into the higher topics, so to really learn GOD, not my-demonation-is-better-than-your-demonation.


Anonymous said...

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brainout said...

To Anonymous: would you care to elaborate? I'm not sure what you mean.

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brainout said...


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