Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bible Hebrew Meter Scholarship Misses the Boat

Update on Bible Hebrew Meter links. Click Here for a bibliography of major 'voices' in the Bible Hebrew Meter debate.  Handy synopsis of the 'positions' various scholars have taken over the centuries.  Click Here for another one. Thus you get a quicker handle on the scholarship and its conclusions, over the past 300 years.

It's really sad that scholars keep on applying EXTRA-BIBLICAL standards to Bible's Hebrew meter, as if it had no standards of its own.  That's why we're missing the ton of doctrine and Bible's dating proof: we won't let the Bible speak for itself.

YES, DUMMY you count the syllables, and NO DUMMY it doesn't matter what the stress is, BECAUSE DUMMY Bible uses meter to communicate TRUTH, be it the truth of the number of years in the future, the truth of the date a thing is written, the truth of How God Orchestrates Time, or the truth about the DOCTRINAL MEANING of Bible's set times like 7 years, 40 years, 70 years, etc.  We aren't looking for that, though.  Oh No, we insist on using European standards of poetry; and when we find the Bible doesn't fit those LATER standards, we deem it to have no discernible meter.

What a crime.  Sorry to be so harsh, but Bible is meant for everyone to understand, and IN the original languages, because the Holy Spirit can cause you to learn them like any academic, if you keep using 1John1:9.  So natural pronunciation and yes syllables, wordplay, and all manner of mnemonics would be used.  But absent 1John1:9, even the smartest scholars (deservedly respectable, hard workers, geniuses, even) can't figure it out!

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