Monday, September 14, 2009

New Video Series on Hebrews and Mark's Gospel

In Youtube, I just began a new series named Royal Family of God: the Book of Hebrews. You can visit my 'brainouty' page and see the first episode, and if you choose the Angelic Conflict playlist, the series is there, with the first five episodes loaded (through 5b). Click here for the introduction videos for the series. The exegetical videos will start in Episode 6. I plan to go through the entire book, Chapter by Chapter, to show the Angelic Trial language and features, which cause the covenantal change (to Church).

The fifth episode had to make a detour into the thorny area of dating the Book of Hebrews. Thorny, because there is a lot of bad scholarship on the topic, especially in Wikipedia. While doing that, it was necessary to explain that the Gospel of Mark is truly 68AD also, part of a four-book rollout God made in the Year of the Four Emperors, beginning when Nero executed Paul.

Since there is a lot of bad scholarship on Mark's Gospel also, but I was covering the dating of the Book of Hebrews, I didn't have much time to say why we can prove Mark's Gospel is QUOTING and PLAYING ON the first two Gospels, of Matthew and Luke (respectively). Of course, that's the opposite of what the Gospel Q proponents claim.

Yeah, and you can prove their claim wrong from within Mark's Gospel itself. So, after the Book of Hebrews videos are done, I'll have to do some exegetical videos on Mark's Gospel to show how you can prove he's quoting and playing on, Matthew and Luke to INDICT the 68AD generation, and thus explain why the Temple is destroyed.

It will matter to do this, not only to show the finessed word games Mark plays with the text (i.e., elongating the phrasing in Mark 13:24, versus Matthew 24:29, depicting the delay due to Church, or his Mark 13:22 tweak via omission of megala versus Matthew 24:24, and substitution of apoplanaw) -- but also maybe to find out who wrote Hebrews.

Might not get to it until next year. First of the Mark series is here. As I have time, I'll add the promised exegetical videos, going in order from Mark 1:3 forward. BibleWorks has a Synoptics Tool which thus allows all parallel passages to be viewed simultaneously on-screen, so I'll record with it. Serves as a handy way to see why Mark CHANGES the wording in Matthew and Luke, and what NEW information those CHANGES give us. Thus you know his is the third Gospel, not the first or even the second. That's why it's so short!

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