Friday, August 21, 2009

New PassSalt videos

Every 490 or 560 years since Adam, the last 120 years of it are a voting period with conditions like that of the Flood's, even though God promised never to destroy the world by flood of water, again. The Flood is the paradigm of the voting warning. You can trace its import pan-Bible. We are entering yet another 120-year warning period, beginning next year, 2010. So the 'end' everyone is expecting, isn't necessarily the Rapture, but rather the end of the pre-warning period. So the warning period is the 'end', just as it always is, on schedule.

The videos are an adjunct to the How God Orchestrates Time video and associated webpage, Mirroring.htm . Until a few days ago, I wasn't sure of the 120's beginning and ending benchmarks. So now I made videos on these, which are available on Youtube, but clearer versions of them can be downloaded from, as follows. The PassSalt1-4 are only available as downloads, and walk the viewer through the GeneYrs.xls worksheet.

Overview (44MB, 11 mins): PassSalt -- available in Youtube as "Pass the Salt, Bypass the Flood"
Overview for Atheists, (80MB, 8 mins): PassSaltAtheist -- in Youtube as "Pass the Salt to Atheists"
Part1 (80MB, 13 mins): PassSalt1
Part 2 (91MB, 11 mins): PassSalt2
Part 3 (91MB, 11 mins): PassSalt3
Part 4 (91MB, 11 mins): PassSalt4

Flood Chronology videos and Word docs which came out of the Pass the Salt research, focus on whether (and I'm not sure) the extreme dating detail shows a pattern which is the precedence for the Hebrew calendar:
NoahBday.avi , a 25 minute video tracing the Flood Chronology. It's huge, 170MB, might take 2 hours to download.
FloodChrono.doc , a two-page chart with notes on Flood Chronology. Makes it easy to see patterns.
HEBCalConverter.xls , a worksheet plotting the seeming Noahic precedence upon the Hebrew calendar, including major historical dates Bible furnishes. Idea is to see orchestration of time in a recurring annual pattern. It's unfinished. If the link doesn't work, that means I'm in the middle of revising the calendar, so try again an hour or so later.

The Hebrew calendar in the Bible is NOT like the one Judaism uses. The days are always 30, except for Adar, and the priestly courses were patterned upon them; Adar is intercalated every year, in Bible accounting, so God never accounts multiple years as lunar (precedence for Bible accounting is BIRTHDAYS, and Israel's birthday is the Exodus, so the calendar ends up solar, not lunar, adjusted in the last month of the sacred year). Details on this are provided in HebCal.htm and PassPlot.htm .

For more information on how to use the spreadsheet and on God's TimeGrants, see the Genesis videos beginning here with Episode 8c1 . Just click on that episode once the page loads, hit the fullscreen icon, and all 14 of the 8c videos will begin playing in order. You'll see each of the Grantees per the Bible, and will see the interplay of the historical 490 or 560 periods with their own personal grants, as well as learn how to navigate the worksheet.

For demonstration on how I got the Bible dates (with attendant verses), see brainoutFAQ.htm#6a .

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