Saturday, July 18, 2009

OOops, had to make more videos on KJV-only BLASPHEMY

You can view the new series of videos showing why the KJV-only movement is a rehash of the satanic conspiracy to kidnap Bible which Satan played in the 2nd century AD. I made a video playlist outside of Youtube: click here.

VPI is central to the debate. What is inspired? Does the media have to be preserved, and do all the words have to be letter perfect? Of course not. But ignorant people and even some who claim to be scholars, mistake Inspiration as having to be perfect in FORM, rather than perfect in MESSAGE. That's why the KJVO can get a foothold: the movement preys upon the mistaken idea that the MESSAGE needs to be in perfect form, for the message to be perfectly preserved.

We all know immediately that's not true, for Perfect God resides IN us, while we ourselves remain imperfect. So too, with the texts. The MESSAGE is inspired and inerrant DESPITE the scribal errors, the many late copies, etc. So the true textual critical task, is to learn the Divine Message in every word of every verse. Somewhere among all the mss, those words will be correctly preserved. But not, in only ONE ms. And we don't need the words to be LETTER perfect, to know what the words are.

So, the series covers basics on textual criticism, in the first four parts. Helps to first define the meaning of "inspired".

I had to do these videos due to KJV-only user harrassment. So t
he videos first introduce in cartoon format the very obvious fact that since English was not a language when the Bible was written, God's Word cannot be in English. At best, the English is a translation of His Inspired Word, when it is accurate. Then the videos go on to show the evil of the KJV-only movement, which actually seeks to REPLACE the Inspired Word with (an easily-disprovable claim of) the KJV, as the inspired text. For the KJV-only movement makes essentially the same claim as ISLAM for the Koran, so that parallel is explored in the series.

The spokespersons of this movement cannot even read KJV English properly, let alone the original-language texts. So that fact is demonstrated in the video series, as well.

Further videos go into isagogics and exegesis. For example, how we got the Textus Receptus, its errors, and a VERY simple primer on the meaning of textual criticism. Next, exegetical videos show the rather unfortunate tendency of KJV and other translations, to malign God. This maligning is obviously unintentional. Two remarkable characteristics pervade mistranslation: a) very poor scholarship characterizes the mistranslated verses for CENTURIES, with no one bothering to FIX the translations; and b) the translations clearly malign God, even if you didn't know the verses were mistranslated.

Yet no one bothers to investigate, and instead the same bad errors -- mostly from the KJV! -- are copied in the newer translations, even until now? That bespeaks a callous attitude to God's Word, and a desire to cater to popular opinion, instead. A popular opinion, which cherishes its OLD and BAD translations, rather than the truth.

This is the worst blasphemy in Christendom. We will be held accountable for it in our computer generation, if it is not immediately redressed. Hence the video series, so that I won't be held accountable for silence.

So now, I really CAN go on a vacation from video-making, for a month or two.

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