Friday, July 3, 2009

New videos posted, and a vacation from making them :)

I'm going on a video-making VACATION for awhile, but managed to get done enough of the basics videos to last most viewers until I can come back. The James 2 videos are really good, especially the last 12 of them, link to the playlist is in my previous post.

Four others turned out better than I expected: these are: my 'Why Hell' videos (2, linked), 'Predestined to FREEDOM
' , and 'Salvation Components' .

Youtube forces a change in channel design beginning July 15th. The new design is less attractive, but in some ways more useful. You can click on its "Uploads" to get only a scroll-down list of my videos in reverse chronological order. I can't sort them alphabetically. Still, that's better than nothing. You can also scroll through only the "Playlists". I've categorized all my videos into playlists which begin with "brainout's" so hopefully one day Youtube will put them back in alphabetical order. I have many playlists categorized by topic which are made by other Youtubers, too. Hope you enjoy them.

I'll be responding to email, comments on my videos, etc. But for an undefined period, won't be making new videos. Got to do secular work, now. :)


Anonymous said...
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brainout said...

The 11/25/09 post was deleted, because a spambot came in and posted an ad for something sexual. Honestly, people have no manners!