Sunday, December 13, 2009

New Lord Born on Chanukah 4BC video series, and Yapping video updates

Click here for the new Chanukah series playlist. First video is an overview on how the scholars misread Bible so don't know the Bible says the Lord was born on Chanukah 4BC. Video description links to my older Chanukah link, which has more proof of the 'design' of His Chanukah birthdate than most people want. Videos 9-11 of the Chanukah playlist above quickly show how Daniel 8, Haggai 2, Matthew 2 and Luke 2 all tie together. So if you groaned when reading PassPlot.htm, you'll enjoy the quick review.

Videos 2-9 in the list shoot down the common myth that there was a 'star' of Bethlehem. Bible says it was an angel, not a star, with 'star' being used as a tongue-in-cheek title since Christ is born on the Feast of Lights, Dedication. Since that humor is missed -- even though Luke uses the same rhetoric as Matthew -- we missed the deft delineation of the Lord's Birthdate. Granted, Luke's rhetoric as always is finessed -- using the double definite articles in Luke 1:26 to stress the Annunciation was in Adar, hence a Chislev birthdate, and using phulassw for the shepherds rather than terew, since phulassw is the LXX equivalent for nazar, play on Nazareth. But Matthew isn't so refined: we should have figured out the Chanukah theme by his stress on everyone's DEDICATION, how the magi and Jerusalem couldn't SEE the 'star' (angel). And Matthew's dramatic reservation of 'Nazareth' (Dedication House) for the end of Chapter 2 is a dead giveaway. Oh well.

Next, click here for the latest Yapping Most High playlist. It's posted on Youtube through the end of Episode 5, now. Episodes 6-8 (really seven more videos) will post sometime next week, probably next Friday or Saturday.

Happy Chanukah-Christ Mass!

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