Sunday, May 31, 2009

Psalm 90 video series Epilogue completed!

Psalm 90's video series has 5 new videos with "Epilogue" in the title in Youtube. These videos demonstrate something I didn't know when starting the series: that Moses accounts time SABBATICALLY.

  • Result is a panoramic review of Time from First to Last Adam, in FOUR sets based on God's Accounting for Time Rules for the 70-year VOTING periods.
  • The 490's are ellided,
  • so you are to understand that TWO 2100-year long 'time buildings', one for Gentiles and one for the Jews -- constituted God's Original Design for Time.
  • Because the Jewish 'building' did not complete -- owing to rejection of Messiah when He came -- the Tribulation is yet future.
  • This accounting is very bald in Psalm 90, if you know God's Rules for the Voting Periods and that they began with Adam's Fall.
  • Since Christians don't know this doctrine and the Jews forgot it -- substituting instead, the false rabbinical idea that time is of 7,000 years -- we dispute the Rapture, Trib, and Millennium.
  • There is no way we can dispute, once we understand the rules.
The first of the Youtube Epilogue videos is click here: the others are linked below it; the video descriptions have links to the associated webpages. Or, you can see the whole series, click here and scroll down to the third video player you see. Pretty shocking stuff.

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