Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Webpage: BibleHebrewMeter

BibleHebrewMeter.htm is a new webpage dedicated to showing the Old Testament's poetic metering rules. Apparently the 'scholars' can't find them. Moses set up the rules, in Psalm 90. Isaiah plays off those rules, in Isaiah 53. So the webpage demonstrates both passages in video format, since the rules are best learned by watching them in action, live in both passages. Astonishing stuff.

You should be able to test the rules with any OT Hebrew poetic passage, especially if Messianic. Moses would be the standard, I'd guess -- so I'd expect that the other prophets (like Isaiah) 'spoke' to Moses as a 'hub'. Not sure that's true, but there should be a pattern.

Now, in the page I tried to codify the meaning of those rules, but my explanation needs much improvement. If you can think of anything to improve or add to the description, please make a webpage of your own and tell me the link, or send me an email with your suggestions, and I'll post them to the page. I can't do this alone. There are too many passages to go through and analyse.

At the end of the webpage is a listing of links to the major voices in the Does-Bible-Hebrew-poetry-have-meter debate. None of them seem to know these very obvious rules. I can't figure out why, except to say that they are so busy having to argue with each other, they don't have time to use Occam's Razor and just parse the verses IN the Bible for themselves, or recite the verses, which immediately GIVE you the meter. Since we have the consonants, it doesn't matter that the Massoretes added their vowel points, etc. Since we have the consonants, we don't need to worry about accentuation or Western standards of 'meter'.

IN SHORT, LET THE BIBLE TELL YOU ITS OWN METERING SYSTEM. Then, be prepared for a shock at Divine Symmetry and Prophetic use of Meter as a Future Calendar counting down to Messiah.

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