Monday, May 18, 2009

New Psalm 90 Video Series

Isaiah 53 is drawn from Psalm 90, both in meter and in content, constituting a kind of 'antiphony', showing how God will fulfill the Psalm 90 prayer, through Messiah. It's really shocking, though technical, how Moses' Psalm and Isaiah 53, interact.

For the Youtube playlist of these videos, click here. The playlist is also now embedded within my Isa53trans.htm

The metering symmetry in Isaiah 53 is designed to be predictive, but I had no idea it was based on and in answer to, Psalm 90. Very shocking stuff.

The reason why there are TWO Tribulational sevens (the first one playing 64-70AD), is demonstrated via this comparison. Also noteworthy, you can prove that Isaiah counts BACKWARDS from a KNOWN ENDING FOR TIME (when the Millennium was to begin) to derive his meter for Isaiah 53:1-12. So now Daniel 9 has a long history of interpretation you can prove, beginning from Moses' Psalm 90.

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