Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Beware New Youtube Embedding problems

While running some routine maintenance on my webpages, I noticed some of my videos suddenly were blanked out. What happened? Youtube changed the embed codes to 'iframe' for some of my playlists or videos, but not others. So the old codes which embedded the videos, no longer worked, and the videos instead show up as a big blank spot.

Maybe this only happened in Mozilla, where I was browsing when I found the problem. I did a brief reconnaisance and hopefully found all of the major pages which had the old code, and supplanted the embeds with the new code. If, though, you see any more big blank spaces and are inclined, would you let me know?

This change in Youtube's coding practice might affect your embedded videos, too. The only way to correct it, is to find the video in question, then replace the html code with the new iframe code: you can only get that, by clicking SHARE then EMBED within Youtube (i.e., on the video's options for SHARE then EMBED). Then you have to repaste the code.

Sure wish they'd have given people a heads-up.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Temporary Reprieve on Blog change, but then what new blog site should I choose?

Well, it looks like Blogger is allowing the old interface for a bit longer. So I'll be here a bit longer.

I tried picking some other blog host, but they all were bad, especially Wordpress, which is more dysfunctional than the rest. It came with my domain ( when I paid for it, but hey -- Yahoo's PHP and other arcane files needed for Wordpress to work in my domain, are allegedly out-of-date. And I can do what about that?

UPDATE: I finally figured out how to make the Wordpress update work; but once into Wordpress' menu and options, I quickly realized it's the stupidest of blog designs. Won't use it unless I have no alternative, i.e., if Blogger becomes dysfunctional.

Not giving up Yahoo, it does great webhosting for the price. Its statistics are never accurate, but that stuff isn't important (quality not quantity of readership ALONE is the proper gauge, and you only know that, by emails you get).

So if you have any suggestions as to what new bloghost I should use -- paid or free -- let me know? Thank you for your time!

As for the video status, I've now finished the Magnificat meter series, so now will get back to 11 GGS on Paul's meter in Eph1:3-14, picking up at Diocletian, syllable 283 NOW (in May). I've done 13 more videos covering Diocletian and Constantine, but will only upload one per week, each time on Thursdays. Average time per video is about 40 minutes.

Really, it's faster if you just read at syllable 283 et seq. If you prefer htm, just replace 'doc' with htm. In either case, you need to download the BibleWorks fonts from , because I've not yet mastered Unicode (sorry). The pdf version won't navigate well, but does 'recognize' the internet links: .

The Synoptics series (proving Mark is the THIRD Gospel and Matthew first), is posted on Fridays. Still in Luke 1 and 2 by way of Haggai, proving Luke and Matthew's Chanukah wordplay.

Still have to finish the other series, too. If you have a priority preference, tell me here or on Youtube.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Latest video summarizing all 'my' material, and I'm leaving Blogger

Because Google Blogger is now ugly GLARING white, and nearly impossible to READ for making posts, I'll rarely post here anymore.  Will be doing most of the new stuff in Youtube as 'brainouty', with off-Youtube docs and htms in the video descriptions.

So here's a vid I just made which summarizes the import of my websites and videos.  All of them tie to the words in this video:

I will find another way to make blog entries, away from Google. Will announce the new blog in a final post here, and in Youtube. It will take me months to figure out where to go, now. Google designers are now crazy. They're destroying the readability of Youtube, and now Blogger.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Webpage corrections for dysfunctional bliptv players

I just learned that bliptv has changed its players, with the result that I can't reconfigure them in my webpages. They didn't email anyone but sent an announcement in July; since I mainly post videos in Youtube, I wasn't aware of the change.

So now I'm redoing all my players to Youtube. This will take awhile. Thus far I've replaced the ones in the index page, LordvSatan3, Mirroring, and SatStrat2, as well as Isaiah53trans. Will keep on searching for the bliptv players and convert them over. In particular, PassPlot and PopeMyth need to be updated for the Youtube players.

Now that Youtube allows both HD and longer videos than 10 minutes (even over 80 minutes), I'll rebundle the bliptv videos into larger Youtube collections and bring them into Youtube. That way you don't have to hassle with bliptv anymore. Apparently they only want h264-formatted videos, whereas Youtube will take MPEG in avi containers, which I routinely use now (I've made over 600 videos in Youtube).

Currently I'm working on documenting the Hebrew Meter ties between Psalm 90, Isaiah 53, Daniel 9 and even Ephesians 1:3-14, proving that Paul's playing DANIEL in Ephesians 1. It's awesome, and unknown to Christendom, so it MUST be documented live in video using standard mss critical editions you can check yourself. That project, in addition to the other unfinished video projects I've been involved in over the past year, has left precious little time to tighten up the wording in the webpages. But I'll get to it, eventually!

Thank you for your patience! Come visit me as 'brainouty' in Youtube if you want to comment or complain!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

King James Onlyism exposed as Hitlerian Fraud

I finished the 72 videos demonstrating why KJVO is a satanic movement. You can view them in my 'brainouty' channel or in my playlist at SatStrat2.htm#KJVO .  Here are the videos. The links take you straight to Youtube, where you can also read the video descriptions. Two embedded videos below, help you see the tenor.

3/72, KJVO 2000-year Scam History

4/72, KJVO 2000-year Scam History

Monday, August 9, 2010

How God Preserved His Word: as a TEAM, not just one player!

I now realize why people get so unhinged when you tell them the Bible is mistranslated:  they don't understand how God creates Perfection amidst imperfection.  They think there should be One Perfect Specimen sitting in a museum somewhere, pristine.  LOL.  Okay, then only Christ Himself, should be in Heaven, too.

Yet look:  here we are, all sinners, many saved, still imperfect, yet considered Sons of God in Christ Jesus (Gal 3:26).  So if that isn't a compromise to Perfection, and in fact IS a perfection, why wouldn't God do the same thing, with His Word?  After all, the Word is in the hands of, and maintained by, imperfect people.

See, God lives INSIDE you.  Each God.  So you are simultaneously perfect and imperfect, all at the same time, for that reason.  There are many Bible verses and keywords describing this fact.  Quickly coming to my mind from the Holy Spirit (principle of John 14:26, HE brings the verses to your mind), are
  • 'in Christ', 
  • 'Christ in you', 
  • Hebrew preposition qereb (usually translated 'in the midst of'), 
  • and verses like 2Cor5:21, 
  • Colossians 1:25, 
  • the aforesaid Gal3:26, many others.  I can't type them all fast enough!  
  • Just ask your pastor about the 'Doctrine of the Indwellings'.  If he doesn't know that, send me an email and I'll provide you with the verse citations.  Most pastors are well aware of the Trinity Indwelling you (but of course those pastors ignorant of Trinity, don't yet know).
I did several videos on this topic of How God's Perfect Word is preserved IN AGGREGATE, in a BODY, a TEAM, not just one 'player'. Click here, then watch Parts 1c-1f, on how 1Cor12:7, proves from the Greek, how God's Word is a TEAM. But the best of the videos I've done on this, is (click here), 'How I use Bible Translations'.  Important audio links are in that video's description, to help you understand How God makes Perfection 'live' inside imperfection.  It will really help you understand how to live the spiritual life, once you understand how God preserved Perfect Word despite all the copying errors, translation errors, attempts to hide Bible, etc.

The theological title for How God Communicated His Perfect Word is 'Verbal Plenary Inspiration', and it addresses this Perfection amidst imperfection, issue.  Usually you'll hear VPI defined kinda like this:  'God so supernaturally empowered the original writers of Scripture such that, without waiving their personalities, writing style, or any other human factor, His Full and Perfect Communication was transmitted to the human race.'  So Paul sinned, but wrote Perfect Canon.  Same for Moses, David, etc.

So God's Word is a TEAM:  team of original writers, team of copyists, team of translators, each one fallible but with SO MANY of them, you still can know God's Perfect Word, as it's still PRESERVED.  After all, you have the Perfect Holy Spirit as the WITNESS to what those Words are.  Just use 1John1:9 regularly, study God's Original Words in the original Hebrew and Greek -- doesn't matter we don't have the original papyri, we DO have thousands of copies of the original words!

See the genius of God's TEAM approach?  It's a lot harder for Satan to destroy many copies, than just one.  Sure, he can tamper with the original words of God, make scribes miscopy them.  He can tamper with the Bible translators, and make them mistranslate.  But if there are MANY MANY copyists, translators and translations, then whoa -- Satan can't make ALL of them screw up ALL of the time!  So for any one Bible verse, somewhere there's a perfect original copy.  So for any Bible translation of the same verse, at least one Bible translation 'wins' in a clause,  whereas some other Bible translation 'wins' in translating some other clause, etc.  So then you need ALL of the translations.  So IN AGGREGATE, you STILL have amidst all these imperfect copies and translations, God's Perfect Word Perfectly Stated.  Heh.  God uses an army, not just one soldier;  a TEAM, not just one player!  For He well knows we'll sin.  But we don't all sin ALL the time now, do we. :)

Here's a bigger reason why God's Perfectly Preserved Word is a TEAM: it cannot be perfectly translated.  Instead, each original word has maybe 16 meanings which ALL apply at once!  I illustrate this fact in a 20-minute audio (click here), using only two Hebrew words in Isaiah 53:11: 'bedato' and 'yatsdiq', which tell you HOW Christ paid for sins.  Each Divine Word has maybe 16 layers of meaning, but a translator is only allowed to pick ONE.  So then the other 15, are left out!  See why God's Word has to be embedded in a TEAM of writers, original-language manuscripts, copyists, translators -- and even teachers? 

KJVO and other idiots claim there must be only ONE translation or ONE originally-preserved papyrus, to qualify as perfect.  Yeah, that's the lie some demon gave to Muhammed, too.  Witness why:  for if only one original, one copy, one translation, well -- that ONE could be easily destroyed and replaced by someone CLAIMING the REPLACEMENT as the Perfect ONE.

This is what KJVO claim, with zero proof!  Rather, we have 400 years of proof that the KJV is mistranslated, compared to its own Textus Receptus, which is why thousands of scholars in the mid-1800's spent their lives, collecting the original-language texts!  Why, so many newer Bible translations were demanded, AFTER the KJV became popularly-known as being in error!  Just Google on 'KJV mistranslation', and you'll find hundreds of websites showing them!

Not only the KJVO make such silly claims.  The anti-Paul crowd and even many scholars who should know better, all have the goofy idea that only ONE set of Greek and Hebrew texts, or only ONE translation, should qualify for 'perfect' -- else God 'lost' his Word.  It's crazy, how people 'lose faith' over this satanic demand there only be one copy, to qualify as perfect.  Yeah, that's what all Muslims claim too.  So then:  we know the claim is coming from Satan, never God.

God lost nothing, Preserves Everything. In TEAMS.  He didn't lose the 12 or 10 or any tribes of Jews.  He didn't lose the Bible dates.  He didn't lose even ONE of the original Words He gave Moses and all other Bible writers to write.  So you can hear EXACTLY what Moses said, wrote;  EXACTLY what David penned;  EXACTLY what Christ said -- as if you were ALIVE THEN, when each one spoke!  Because, there are many copies;  many translations;  and above all, 1Cor12:7, the Holy Spirit WITNESSES ('manifestation' is a mistranslation of 'disclosure') to what's really God's.  Directly.  So just keep using 1John1:9, ASK GOD, and then you'll know.  Maybe not in 30 seconds, but keep plugging...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why 490?

Golly, was I dumb or what:  the 490 is psychological, not mathematical.  That is to say, man goes through, on a macro level, a psychological adjustment phase.  It starts out about 50 or 70 years prior to the 490's ending, as an exhaustion:  man has tried all his ideas with whatever is then his concept of 'civilization', and they all fail.  War ends the phase.  Then a new one begins, as some other group of people or nation rises to fill the inevitable vacuum, and it lasts the remaining 70 or 50 years (approx. 120-160 total, 4 generations).

I can trace this pattern from Adam forward, though the first ending period is somewhat sketchy: I need to do a lot of homework on it.

Post-Cross, you can easily see the phases, since we have more data to work with.  For example, the exhaustion of 630AD (which was 490 years after Aelia Capitolina, which came on a timeline exactly matching that of the 1st Temple destruction to the rebuilding of Jerusalem in Daniel 9).  Then, Byzantium and Parthia exhausted each other, creating a vacuum which the Arabs then filled 8 years later (obeying Muhammed's 632AD (last) speech in Arabic being, 'go up to Jerusalem and kill all the Jews' -- you can't find this in published versions of his speech, but only in the madrassas, apparently).  Sir John Glubb in his book, A Short History of the Arab Peoples made a point of this Arab invasion timing due to exhaustion, though of course he didn't say anything about the 490s or the Bible.

Each subsequent period has the same kind of exhaustion 'play', though with different actors.  The next vacuum was filled with the Crusades.  After that, the Reformation.  And now we are in a new vacuum, so of course the Arabs arise again, and on time, just as they did to usher in the Crusades and the Reformation.  That means we should be at war again, by about 2020, with the Arabs as the catalyst, much like the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand triggered WWI (due to the underlying patchwork of conflicting alliances, here the patchwork being alliances with and against, the Arab nations).  China may come out the winner, this time.

I'll have to write a webpage on this, and make videos.  I don't know if I can do it this year.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Change in Comment Policy

I've now put the comments on 'automatic', so you can see your comment when you post it.  I had the comments on 'moderation' before, but that didn't stop the spam bots.  So now you can comment, then you'll be asked for 'word verification' (you know, that funny wavy print which no spambot can read), and almost as soon as you provide the verification, you'll see your own comment, posted.  Or at least, you should.

Let me know if you have problems with it.  THANKS!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My webpage ERRATA on the two anti-christs

My coverage of the two anti-christs in the webpages is garbled.  The essential idea is correct, but I wasn't clear on the verses which DISTINGUISHED the Jewish anti-christ from the Gentile one.  As a result, the scenario in SatSpin.htm is incorrect.  So too, are other sections.  The essential ploy remains, to claim Christ has Returned.  That idea is correct, in the webpages.  But the 'flow' of the events is not correct.  I have a lot of rewriting to do.

Bible verses distinguish between the two dictators in a manner which suggests quite a different flow of events.

  • Verses on the Jewish Dictator: Daniel 11:36-40, Gen 49:16-18 (tribe of Dan), Rev 16:13, 19:20, 20:10.
  • Verses on the Gentile Dictator: Rev 13:1-9, 17:8-13; Dan 2:31-45 (feet), 'little horn' of Dan 7:8-9, 19-26; 'prince of Dan 9:26-27, man of sin of 2Thess 2:3-10.
  • These verses are from my pastor's 1970 Daniel series Lesson 64.  I also have extensive notes from his 4-year long almost daily exegesis of Revelation, which I heard back during 1981-1985;  those notes agree.  But the distinction between the anti-christs was something I didn't properly notice in Bible, until yesterday!
So the correct 'flow' is that the JEWISH dictator pretends to be Christ, makes a pact with the Gentile 'little horn', so the latter obviously heralds the Jewish dictator, as MessiahAll this kicks off the Tribulation; so at its beginning, someone 'comes' claiming to be Christ.  Real easy way to know when the Trib begins.  In addition, from that beginning you've got
  • the 144,000 Jewish evangelists, and 
  • the Two Witnesses of Revelation 11 warning everyone away from the Temple (which by then will be illegally rebuilt, thus causing the Jewish dictator to be ticked off).  
  • You've got all those disasters, and finally 
  • you've an angel flying in the sky warning people at Revelation 9's end, 3rd year of Trib.  
No way to mistake it's the Trib.  But people will.  But at the mid-point, it gets tricky.
  • Trib mid-point, per Daniel 9:27 the Gentile and Jewish dictators break apart, turning to war.  
  • Yet THEN the Jewish dictator puts the GENTILE's statue in the Temple, presumably because the latter claims credit for having killed the Two Witnesses at Trib mid-point.  
So what's the cause de guerre at the Trib mid-point?  Does the Gentile suddenly call the Jewish 'messiah' a false prophet, and proclaim himself?  In my webpages as currently written, (based on Revelation 13) I've sketched out the Trib as the Jew fronting the Gentile, portraying the latter as the one claiming to be Messiah.  But that idea is odd, since the Messiah must BE a Jew, for the claim to be credible.  So what would make the treaty break, since the false prophet fronts the Gentile?  Or are there two false prophets?  Is there a pseudo-Messiah at the beginning who gets wiped out by the Gentile, and then he himself has a Jewish front man?

The other problem is this:  why would Daniel suddenly be talking about the false Jewish prophet, when all the other Daniel references are to the Gentile dictator?  So the above revised scenario, really hinges on who is the 'king' in Daniel 11:36-40.

If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rant on 'stingy prayer'

When Gorbachev came to power, I was alarmed.  I prayed that God OUST him.  I prayed also that God open up Bible for Russia.  Then I forgot all about it.  For at that time, I could barely spell "Jesus", having only gotten under daily Bible study in Houston in 1981.

Seven years after that prayer, and ON my birthday, God answered it.  On that birthday, I was stuck in a hotel room in Houston, turned on the TV -- I didn't have one at home in Illinois, so this was a treat -- and that's how I learned Gorbachev was put under house arrest.  Only THEN did I remember the prayer, and went into shock.  Stayed up all night, even forgot to go to Bible class in Houston!

brainoutFAQ #6a update for Abraham's early supermaturation

brainoutFAQ.htm#6a was finally updated to show how God 'balanced' Time to reflect Abraham maturing 54 years too 'early'.  Just search on "So now we balance back to Abraham" after you load the page.  I'll have to insert this same explanation in Mirroring.htm and other webpages, but that will take awhile.

Sorry it took me some years to prove this out, but the explanation is gorgeous!  Scholars have had problems explaining why Church began in 30AD yet Israel seemed to have her covenant operating, too.  But that's not what the period 30-70AD represents, for Israel.  It's a different kind of reimbursement which was ORIGINALLY dual in nature: Abraham was a Gentile himself, becoming a Jew via circumcision, 53.5 years before Gentile Time was due to end.  For the Gentiles were to get the first 2100 years and the Jews the second 2100 years;  but of course, negative volition cut short that time for the Gentiles, and also for the Jews.

But would GOD KEEP His Time promises anyway?  Yep.  That's what you learn, when you crunch the numbers of the above FAQ#6 and Mirroring.  So I summarized the results of the number crunching, at the end of the white table in point AC of #6a.  Again, if you merely search on "So now we balance back to Abraham" after you load the page, you'll go straight to that new section.  You'll then see why God stresses the 3.5-year pieces, too.  They are also due to the timing of Abraham's supermaturation.

Whew.  It took years for me to balance this.  Hope the analyisis saves you a lot of time!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

New Videos on Lord's Death Date, and YHWH meaning

Finally, I was able to take the long explanation in PassPlot.htm and make a video on proper Easter dating.  Video simply shows the date count based on Mosaic Law.  (I did not go through the chronology of Passion Week.)  Click here to view it. I learned after the fact that the so-called 'church fathers' under Constantine deliberately conspired to CHANGE the date of 'Easter' to DISTANCE it from Passover, since the latter is Jewish. Can you believe that? Here's the video explaining that, from someone in Arizona: Click here to view it. (Beginning at five minutes, you'll hear him start talking about this.)

Of course, one of the problems is that the Jewish calendar misdates Firstfruits.  Jewish calendar begins the Omer count the day after Passover's beginning.  But Bible begins it piggybacked on Passover's ENDING: Leviticus 23:8 23:15 Deuteronomy 16:8-9 Numbers 28:25-26.  Video lists those verses, but doesn't explain them.  No explanation is needed, the text clearly relates 'sabbath' to the LAST MENTIONED (high) sabbath, which is the 7th day of Passover, not the first.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Google Translate Removed from my webpages

Google translate doesn't work well with Mozilla; results in a popup requesting Authenticate Password.  So I had to remove the Google translate feature from my webpages.  You can always have Google translate a page, by adding Google Translate to your browser.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mirroring.htm streamlined

The first section of Mirroring.htm was streamlined, with links updated to my Youtube videos.  It should load faster, now.

That first section now sports a cleaner look, a shorter explanation, and should be easier to use.  Now, the bliptv playlists are at the END of the page, but with links taking you to the end, within the first page section (as before).  Hopefully that way the page will load faster.  I don't know why bliptv playlists slow down page loading.

I'll have to trim the whole page, but at least the first section is easier to read.  Yell at me if you see problems!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

How God Constructs Time update

Mirroring.htm was updated to provide a link to my Youtube playlist which has the 'How God Orchestrates Time' videos.  Sadly, Youtube has stopped allowing embedded players to show videos in HD.  Maybe they will change back to allowing it, but until then, you can't see most of the information clearly off-Youtube.  Here's the link: Click here for my 'How God Constructs Time' Youtube video playlist.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Isaiah 53 Hebrew Meter Update

Turns out that Isaiah 53's meter prophetically benchmarks time, per clause, not merely per paragraph. In fact, he piggybacks years like Israel piggybacks days, which results in fine-tune adjustments for beginning or end of the year.  I had no idea the meter was meant to be that precise.  But then, I didn't even know his Hebrew meter was deliberately organized as a time capsule, until I finished parsing it last year, as you know.  (Well, you'd know if you'd been following this Isaiah 53 Meter Hypothesis saga for the last few years I've been in it.)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Yapping Book of Daniel

All of (NIV) Book of Daniel is read aloud, with occasional commentary and correction of translation. Most of the material is audio-only. Click here and then look at the video description to see all the links. I update the material with comments, below the video.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

New Lord Born on Chanukah 4BC video series, and Yapping video updates

Click here for the new Chanukah series playlist. First video is an overview on how the scholars misread Bible so don't know the Bible says the Lord was born on Chanukah 4BC. Video description links to my older Chanukah link, which has more proof of the 'design' of His Chanukah birthdate than most people want. Videos 9-11 of the Chanukah playlist above quickly show how Daniel 8, Haggai 2, Matthew 2 and Luke 2 all tie together. So if you groaned when reading PassPlot.htm, you'll enjoy the quick review.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Yapping Most High Videos

CLICK HERE for the first of the Yapping Most High videos in Youtube, a new series of high-theology commentary. Stuff the theologians got wrong all these years is informally covered. The first 8 Parts are on how God's Personality has been misdefined by theologians all this time, because they misdiagnosed God's Sovereignty. God is what He WILLS to be, Exodus 3:14 wordplay on His Name as Absolute Existence.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bible Hebrew Meter Scholarship Misses the Boat

Update on Bible Hebrew Meter links. Click Here for a bibliography of major 'voices' in the Bible Hebrew Meter debate.  Handy synopsis of the 'positions' various scholars have taken over the centuries.  Click Here for another one. Thus you get a quicker handle on the scholarship and its conclusions, over the past 300 years.