Thursday, January 21, 2010

Isaiah 53 Hebrew Meter Update

Turns out that Isaiah 53's meter prophetically benchmarks time, per clause, not merely per paragraph. In fact, he piggybacks years like Israel piggybacks days, which results in fine-tune adjustments for beginning or end of the year.  I had no idea the meter was meant to be that precise.  But then, I didn't even know his Hebrew meter was deliberately organized as a time capsule, until I finished parsing it last year, as you know.  (Well, you'd know if you'd been following this Isaiah 53 Meter Hypothesis saga for the last few years I've been in it.)

For example, Isaiah 53:7's second clause 'Yet He opens not his mouth' ends with the END of 516BC, which was when the 2nd Temple was dedicated, 3 Adar (see Ezrah 6:15). That's the end of the Jewish year.

Moses does the same thing with Psalm 90.

Every major event, including the fact that the Annunciation was also in Adar, is tracked. Very shocking stuff. I will need time to study the months more now. I have to also plot the tracking of David's life (since the parallel is the Last David), in the first 77 syllables. So future videos will address the above claims, so you can vet the astonishing then-future history, for yourself.

Also, ENGLISH retranslation of that meter for Isaiah 53. Download the Isaiah 53 retranslation Word doc here, and view in PrintPreview:

Landscape mode (2 pages): Isa53MeterTransInEnglishWide . This Word doc shows the latest upgrade in translation (versus the video).

Portrait mode (3 pages, earlier translation): Isa53MeterTransInEnglish.doc

See my 'Isaiah 53 in Hebrew Meter' video description (link here: Isaiah 53 in Hebrew meter, English Words ) for more explanation on this latest translation of Isaiah 53, including webpage links.  The description contains other video links you'll want to see, if you want a full explanation of the translation.


Anonymous said...

Nice post and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you for your information.

brainout said...

Anonymous, I hope your college assignment was successful! This Meter information is brand-new, unknown to Bible scholars.

Anders said...

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