Sunday, January 31, 2010

How God Constructs Time update

Mirroring.htm was updated to provide a link to my Youtube playlist which has the 'How God Orchestrates Time' videos.  Sadly, Youtube has stopped allowing embedded players to show videos in HD.  Maybe they will change back to allowing it, but until then, you can't see most of the information clearly off-Youtube.  Here's the link: Click here for my 'How God Constructs Time' Youtube video playlist.

I've now done many more videos on how God Orchestrates Time than Mirroring shows;  the above playlist link contains them all; however, some of the over-10-minute, relevant videos are linked in the video descriptions; so be sure to read them.  These videos document Psalm 90's mapping, Isaiah 53's mapping (still an ongoing project, since now I can prove he's actually following the Time rules per CLAUSE in the Hebrew);  they also walk the viewer through the basic rules for God's Time Grants using charts, rather than only the GeneYrs.xls worksheet.  So maybe it will be easier to understand this complex doctrine which Bible routinely plots, but no one in Christendom understands.  Also partly covered en route is Jewish Dispensationalism, which is based on their mis-accounting of Psalm 90.  They miscount it, but they still have the right basic idea.

Sorry this is so complicated.  When I get time (heh) I'll try to streamline ALL the doctrine's presentation, in one central locale!

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