Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Contra Calvinism series updated in Youtube

The playlist in my TULindex.htm webpage was upgraded with more videos. These cover the creepy parallels between Calvinism and Islam, where Calvin went wrong, plus an Epilogue on Ephesians 2:8-9 comparing his commentary to what Calvinists say (both differ), with the actual Greek text of those verses. For some Calvinists misuse toutos, claiming it represents both the gift of salvation and the gift of faith. That is grammatically impossible, as was noted for centuries prior.

But I'm discovering that Calvinists are routinely dishonest in their handling of Scripture. I've recently lost respect for Calvinists, frankly. It would be so easy to fix what's wrong in their doctrines, but they are the new 'catholics' in the five centuries after the Reformation -- and are equally stubborn. Time for a 2nd Reformation.

Click here for a 3-page Word doc summarizing the evil of Calvinism, which I read in my Contra Calvinism videos beginning with #9. The first of those videos is here . Each video in the series has a video below it to continue the series, or you can watch the whole playlist, click here . For the associated webpage which contains those videos, click here.

I knew Lordship Salvation was evil, a fake gospel saving no one; but I didn't realize HOW evil until a few days ago. Not sure I want to spend more time on it, since the recognition of that false gospel is fairly represented on the web.

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