Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Beware New Youtube Embedding problems

While running some routine maintenance on my webpages, I noticed some of my videos suddenly were blanked out. What happened? Youtube changed the embed codes to 'iframe' for some of my playlists or videos, but not others. So the old codes which embedded the videos, no longer worked, and the videos instead show up as a big blank spot.

Maybe this only happened in Mozilla, where I was browsing when I found the problem. I did a brief reconnaisance and hopefully found all of the major pages which had the old code, and supplanted the embeds with the new code. If, though, you see any more big blank spaces and are inclined, would you let me know?

This change in Youtube's coding practice might affect your embedded videos, too. The only way to correct it, is to find the video in question, then replace the html code with the new iframe code: you can only get that, by clicking SHARE then EMBED within Youtube (i.e., on the video's options for SHARE then EMBED). Then you have to repaste the code.

Sure wish they'd have given people a heads-up.

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