Monday, August 9, 2010

How God Preserved His Word: as a TEAM, not just one player!

I now realize why people get so unhinged when you tell them the Bible is mistranslated:  they don't understand how God creates Perfection amidst imperfection.  They think there should be One Perfect Specimen sitting in a museum somewhere, pristine.  LOL.  Okay, then only Christ Himself, should be in Heaven, too.

Yet look:  here we are, all sinners, many saved, still imperfect, yet considered Sons of God in Christ Jesus (Gal 3:26).  So if that isn't a compromise to Perfection, and in fact IS a perfection, why wouldn't God do the same thing, with His Word?  After all, the Word is in the hands of, and maintained by, imperfect people.

See, God lives INSIDE you.  Each God.  So you are simultaneously perfect and imperfect, all at the same time, for that reason.  There are many Bible verses and keywords describing this fact.  Quickly coming to my mind from the Holy Spirit (principle of John 14:26, HE brings the verses to your mind), are
  • 'in Christ', 
  • 'Christ in you', 
  • Hebrew preposition qereb (usually translated 'in the midst of'), 
  • and verses like 2Cor5:21, 
  • Colossians 1:25, 
  • the aforesaid Gal3:26, many others.  I can't type them all fast enough!  
  • Just ask your pastor about the 'Doctrine of the Indwellings'.  If he doesn't know that, send me an email and I'll provide you with the verse citations.  Most pastors are well aware of the Trinity Indwelling you (but of course those pastors ignorant of Trinity, don't yet know).
I did several videos on this topic of How God's Perfect Word is preserved IN AGGREGATE, in a BODY, a TEAM, not just one 'player'. Click here, then watch Parts 1c-1f, on how 1Cor12:7, proves from the Greek, how God's Word is a TEAM. But the best of the videos I've done on this, is (click here), 'How I use Bible Translations'.  Important audio links are in that video's description, to help you understand How God makes Perfection 'live' inside imperfection.  It will really help you understand how to live the spiritual life, once you understand how God preserved Perfect Word despite all the copying errors, translation errors, attempts to hide Bible, etc.

The theological title for How God Communicated His Perfect Word is 'Verbal Plenary Inspiration', and it addresses this Perfection amidst imperfection, issue.  Usually you'll hear VPI defined kinda like this:  'God so supernaturally empowered the original writers of Scripture such that, without waiving their personalities, writing style, or any other human factor, His Full and Perfect Communication was transmitted to the human race.'  So Paul sinned, but wrote Perfect Canon.  Same for Moses, David, etc.

So God's Word is a TEAM:  team of original writers, team of copyists, team of translators, each one fallible but with SO MANY of them, you still can know God's Perfect Word, as it's still PRESERVED.  After all, you have the Perfect Holy Spirit as the WITNESS to what those Words are.  Just use 1John1:9 regularly, study God's Original Words in the original Hebrew and Greek -- doesn't matter we don't have the original papyri, we DO have thousands of copies of the original words!

See the genius of God's TEAM approach?  It's a lot harder for Satan to destroy many copies, than just one.  Sure, he can tamper with the original words of God, make scribes miscopy them.  He can tamper with the Bible translators, and make them mistranslate.  But if there are MANY MANY copyists, translators and translations, then whoa -- Satan can't make ALL of them screw up ALL of the time!  So for any one Bible verse, somewhere there's a perfect original copy.  So for any Bible translation of the same verse, at least one Bible translation 'wins' in a clause,  whereas some other Bible translation 'wins' in translating some other clause, etc.  So then you need ALL of the translations.  So IN AGGREGATE, you STILL have amidst all these imperfect copies and translations, God's Perfect Word Perfectly Stated.  Heh.  God uses an army, not just one soldier;  a TEAM, not just one player!  For He well knows we'll sin.  But we don't all sin ALL the time now, do we. :)

Here's a bigger reason why God's Perfectly Preserved Word is a TEAM: it cannot be perfectly translated.  Instead, each original word has maybe 16 meanings which ALL apply at once!  I illustrate this fact in a 20-minute audio (click here), using only two Hebrew words in Isaiah 53:11: 'bedato' and 'yatsdiq', which tell you HOW Christ paid for sins.  Each Divine Word has maybe 16 layers of meaning, but a translator is only allowed to pick ONE.  So then the other 15, are left out!  See why God's Word has to be embedded in a TEAM of writers, original-language manuscripts, copyists, translators -- and even teachers? 

KJVO and other idiots claim there must be only ONE translation or ONE originally-preserved papyrus, to qualify as perfect.  Yeah, that's the lie some demon gave to Muhammed, too.  Witness why:  for if only one original, one copy, one translation, well -- that ONE could be easily destroyed and replaced by someone CLAIMING the REPLACEMENT as the Perfect ONE.

This is what KJVO claim, with zero proof!  Rather, we have 400 years of proof that the KJV is mistranslated, compared to its own Textus Receptus, which is why thousands of scholars in the mid-1800's spent their lives, collecting the original-language texts!  Why, so many newer Bible translations were demanded, AFTER the KJV became popularly-known as being in error!  Just Google on 'KJV mistranslation', and you'll find hundreds of websites showing them!

Not only the KJVO make such silly claims.  The anti-Paul crowd and even many scholars who should know better, all have the goofy idea that only ONE set of Greek and Hebrew texts, or only ONE translation, should qualify for 'perfect' -- else God 'lost' his Word.  It's crazy, how people 'lose faith' over this satanic demand there only be one copy, to qualify as perfect.  Yeah, that's what all Muslims claim too.  So then:  we know the claim is coming from Satan, never God.

God lost nothing, Preserves Everything. In TEAMS.  He didn't lose the 12 or 10 or any tribes of Jews.  He didn't lose the Bible dates.  He didn't lose even ONE of the original Words He gave Moses and all other Bible writers to write.  So you can hear EXACTLY what Moses said, wrote;  EXACTLY what David penned;  EXACTLY what Christ said -- as if you were ALIVE THEN, when each one spoke!  Because, there are many copies;  many translations;  and above all, 1Cor12:7, the Holy Spirit WITNESSES ('manifestation' is a mistranslation of 'disclosure') to what's really God's.  Directly.  So just keep using 1John1:9, ASK GOD, and then you'll know.  Maybe not in 30 seconds, but keep plugging...

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