Friday, April 10, 2009

brainoutFAQ #4 updated, text follows below

If you've read , you know that Easter really occurred on April 6th. Bad Bible scholarship to cover up the Catholic incompetence reigns for centuries, and of course the Bible remains the casualty. Better to respect men's traditions than to respect Bible. So here was the addition to brainoutFAQ.htm #4:

"But no one consults the Bible. Oh no. The Bible's own plain text isn't good enough -- gotta have some 'expert' bless it with a meaning. Never mind, only the Holy Spirit is the Expert and the human 'experts' don't consult Him. That's why we can't count to three. That's why respectable scholars using their credentials, get away with IGNORING the "nights" term in both Matt12:40 and Jonah 1:17, blithely saying that oh the three days are partial. Oh yeah? How are you going to get to the third day, until two nights have FULLY PASSED? And until that third day has fully passed, how you gonna get to the third NIGHT?

Of course, if you did the count properly, you begin Nights First, and then you get the Truth as God told it to you: Wednesday NIGHT, Thursday NIGHT, Friday NIGHT -- thus now ThursDAY and FriDAY have passed, so now SaturDAY can occur. Thus ends the three days, and ON that Saturday AFTER SUNDOWN, begins the Jewish first day of the week. But the experts who don't care at all about Bible but care a whole lot about human approbation, will sell their souls to chop out the Word the Word gave us, so not to offend any of his fellow apostate humans. Humans have money, see. God's currency doesn't count down here."

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